5 players that could shine for France in the semi final against Germany

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The semi finals of the Euros are finally here. After Portugal booked their place in the finals of the European Championship 2016, 5 players that could shine for France in the semi final against Germany both France and Germany will look to join them in the finals which would be an epic showdown. The German team even before the start of the tournament looked like a team that could be a force to reckon with but France has genuinely emerged as a true contender for the title and has looked as the only team which could stop the rampant germans. Doing this won’t be easy for the German team but these are the players could shine for France and stop the mighty germans.

5 players that could shine for France in the semi final against Germany

 Paul Pogba

It took 5 matches for Paul Pogba to score his first goal at the European championship but that is not what he is known for. The Juventus midfielder labeled as the next big thing in the world football was largely criticized for his performances in the group stages but the maverick midfielder came back in style when boss shifted him to his more favored position which proved fruitful against the Irish and Iceland team. In a match where the German team is also blessed with some great midfielders, Paul Pogba can step up as leader for the French team.

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann’s story was same like that out of Paul Pogba as in the group stages he was also suffering the consequences of being played out of his position. Though he was still working hard but that is not what the French team demanded from Griezmann. Then came the Ireland match were France were pinned down 1-0 and the French boss in second half in order to save his campaign changed the position of Griezmann to his much favored one that is secondary striker and then what he did in that match is known to everyone. He is currently the top scorer at the Euros and the French team will demand some more of him against the mighty germans too.

N’Golo Kante

Kante has been the trump card for the French team since the start of the tournament and he has been their most consistent player in this tournament. He will be back into the team after being suspended for the last match and will truly be the X factor for the French team. He was a stunning for Leicester city last season and truly proved his quality with ease. This would be the time where Kante will have to step up for his team as he will be given the duty to handle the brilliant Toni Kross and break the German attacks as everybody knows once the germans gets going they will run rampant and Kante will be assigned to prevent this.

Dimitri Payet

This has been a dream story for Dimitri Payet this season as a year before nobody even knew him and just after one year he has become the French team’s most important player. He has been in magical form scoring three goals for his team and all three of them were beautiful. The French team will definitely look upon Dimitri Payet for the moment of magic and rescue his team when they will look in trouble and hence can be a huge bonus for French team in the semi finals.

Oliver Giroud

Well nobody will agree to this but a look on the stats of Oliver Giroud on the international stage for France will surely prove this. He is potent goal scorer and known’s how to score and when to score on the crucial occasion. His physicality will also prove beneficial for France as the German team looks vulnerable in that department thus Oliver Giroud can be the player who can take French team an inch closer to the glory.

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