5 Player’s that could shine for the Portuguese team in the semi final

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Here we are it again another Euros semi final for the goal machine Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese team but this time they have looked a completely contrasting team. 5 Player’s that could shine for the Portuguese team in the semi final. They have failed to come up with an inspired performance and have looked deadly inconsistent and it looks like an irony that the Portugal team has failed to win a single match and is still into the final 4. The lady luck is highly on the Portuguese side as they once aging face a mediocre team in the name of Wales. This time it wouldn’t be same as the last few matches as Wales come into the match after some inspiring performance and hence someone will have to step up for the Portuguese team and these are the five players that could shine for the Portuguese team.

5 Player’s that could shine for the Portuguese team in the semi final

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who else, you cannot imagine Portugal team without their potent goal scorer Cristiano Ronaldo. He has been a one man army for his team for quite a while now and has scored some brilliant goals for his national side. He was the one who dragged the Portuguese team right into the knockouts with his stellar performance against Hungary but then has looked completely blatant with his skills. The last match was the one that he would definitely want to forget as he was gifted with some glorious opportunities which form Ronaldo’s standard should have landed in goal but was wayward with his finishing skills but the form is a one match thing for Ronaldo and who knows that against Wales he again bail his team out.

Luis Nani

Luis Nani story has been different this time as before that he was called as a supremely talented lad who couldn’t fulfill his potentials and was largely overshadowed by the sheer brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo but in this tournament the Portuguese winger has finally rose above form the shadows of Cristiano Ronaldo as he has made some significant contribution for his team and is involved in almost 50% of his team’s Goal that explains his quality to perfection. This could be tournament where Luis Nani can make a legacy for himself and he is certainly poised to do that against the Wales team.


No matter how nasty Pepe is on the field and is labeled as a troubled identity to handle cannot surpass his supremacy on the field along with his great defensive skills. He had a stellar performance against the Polish team and he clearly showcased the world with his skills. Pepe could be an all important as Portugal have to deal with the bale threat as because Pepe is his mate at Real Madrid and has a clear idea about stopping the Wales superman.

Renato Sanches

This has been a flair tale experience for the Portuguese Wonder kid as it was impossible to imagine him in the Portuguese team and then he suddenly rose through the ranks to become a prime member for his national squad. He has proved his worth during the whole tournament and in the last match was impressive as he was the one who got Portugal back into the game with his stunning goal and could again be the player to look upon in the Wales game.

Joa Moutinho

I know few eyebrows will be raised after seeing this name in the list has he has looked very poor at this tournament but the vicuna and aura this man carries is almost incomparable. He could be a trump card for the Portuguese team in the semifinals with his exceptional vision and if he can bring back his old self into the game then the Portugal team will surely emerge victorious.

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