5 Players that could shine for the Wales in the Semi final

5 Players that could shine for the Wales in the Semi final

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The Wales team before the start of the tournament looked like a number to everyone but the united Wales have defied all odds and have roared at the European championship with their stellar performances. 5 Players that could shine for the Wales in the Semi final. The Wales team has been on a dream run this year and could be the first British team to qualify for any international tournament after a long wait of 50 years. The look destined to do it as because of the way they have performed and they face an inconsistent Portugal side which has looked completely out of their strides. These are the five players that could act as a trump card for the Wales team in the semi final.

5 Players that could shine for the Wales in the Semi final

5 Players that could shine for the Wales in the Semi final
5 Players that could shine for the Wales in the Semi final

Gareth Bale

I don’t why I have a gut feeling that this would be the match where Bale will truly prove his master class by destroying Portugal. Gareth bale has been a super hero for the Wales team not only in the tournament but in the qualifying too which truly embarks his quality. The Bale juggernaut exploded against the Russian team and everyone knows what happened then and if this happens again in the match with Portugal then the Portugal team luck will surely run out of favour.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams’s story has been a different one as he struggled to get into his strides in the starting matches and not to forget, it was his Fault that led to the Jamie Vardy goal which cost Wales that match but in the next match against Russia, Ashley Williams showcased his true potential. The knockout match against Ireland was no difference as he again came up with a stunning performance but in the last match he was on the next level as he showed his true class by scoring only second goal of his international Career and equalized for Wales.

James Chester

James Chester has been a defensive power house for the Welsh team this time around as he has continued his stunning rise to the best with his brilliant performances for the Wales team. He has stopped the potent threats of the opposition team and has kept them at the bay. This time also he will have to deal with the potent Portuguese attackers. James Chester will look to handle Cristiano Ronaldo as because keeping a tab on him will prove very beneficial for the Wales team.

Han Robson Kanu

You cannot just ignore the Han Robson Kanu goal from the last match. The goal came in the crucial moments of the game where it looked that Belgium will blew away Wales with their back to back attacks but it was his goal that turned the tide of the game and was a sheer brilliance. The way he executed the Cyruff turn was particularly stunning and the goal completely shocked the Belgium team and they could not come back after that goal. Kanu’s presence will be crucial for the Wales team as he has come up with two winning goals for the Welsh team.

Joe Allen

Joe Allen has been an unsung hero for the Wales team, so far overshadowed by the utter brilliance of Aaron Ramsey but Ramsey’s absence could be a blessing in disguise for Joe Allen as he can showcase his real talent and productivity. Wales’s boss will surely be banking on Joe Allen to come up with his natural best and provide ample support to Gareth Bale so that they can deliver a final blow to the Portugal team. He has been very industrious for the Welsh team so far and will have to come up with the same instinct again to deal with the Portuguese team.

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