Wacky Panda Adorable Slot Game by Microgaming

Wacky Panda Adorable Slot Game by Microgaming

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Slot themes tend to lean to the cool side, but Wacky Panda defies those stereotype. This cute game doesn’t only appeal with its adorable visual, but there are also other interesting features that will surely hook the players. Get to know what makes Wacky Panda adorable slot game by Microgaming worth it below.

Wacky Panda Adorable Slot Game by Microgaming

Wacky Panda Adorable Slot Game by Microgaming
Wacky Panda Adorable Slot Game by Microgaming
  • Loveable Design

When it comes to slot games, the first appealing thing to bettors is the game’s visuals. Wacky Panda sure rocks the first impression with cute designs and graphics. There are five giant pandas, which comes in all colours and personal adorable quirks. The display is also somewhat different than other slots. Since there’s only three reels, the pay table can be displayed directly on its right side. Both background and reel frame are fashioned with cartoonish design. There are no card symbols, only fruits and adorable pandas. The whole presentation is simple loveable, if not adorable.

  • Simple Gameplay

Interesting theme and designs aside, the gameplay itself is as simple as standard slot games. Three reels make it even simpler. Firstly, there’s only one winning payline in the game. Second, the display is very straightforward. The available features are only the bet setting and spin. Roughly looking, Wacky Panda looks like kid’s game. But the simple display itself is charming – it is a nice break from overcomplicated games. Those who love simple slots or a beginner in slots, will definitely enjoy this game. You can check out some top winning slot machine e-games tips to make your experience even better.

  • Budget Friendly

With such adorable and friendly graphics, it’s not hard to imagine this game to have friendly rolls. By friendly, we mean friendly to everyone. The bet range stretches from 0,01 to 15 coins – very flexible to be played by bettors of all kinds. Low rollers will surely be flourished in this game, but high rolling players also have liberty on placing bets. Those who use progressive betting strategies can also play this game and profit good.

  • Great Jackpot for Simple Game

Everything is very lovable in this game. However, not many bettors know that this game hides big amount of jackpot behind its adorable display. In the pay table, the fruits score the lowest payout. Then, the next symbol which has higher payout is the bears. Panda symbol, from lowest to highest payout, starts from black, blue, purple, yellow, and lastly red panda.

The red panda is quite special. Other pandas offer close-knitted payout, which range from 120 until 900. However, there have to be three bears to win those jackpot. The red panda, on the other hand, give out wins even when not appearing full team. Getting only a single red panda pays 30, while two pays 45 – quite small and unsurprising. However, getting three red pandas at once will pay out whopping 3333! Not bad at all, considering how simple and adorable the design is.

Who needs heavy themed games when you can pick an adorable game to pass time? This games surely appeals better, even among Asian themed slots. For those who wanted a break from mainstream slot themes, Wacky Panda Adorable slot game by Microgaming is a nice choice for a break.

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